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You are not alone. You are loved. 

It’s time. The revolution of love is upon us.

It’s been a long journey. We’ve all struggled to get here – but our soul group is finally coming together. I’m glad to have you with us.

In the coming weeks we are going to be reaching out to more of our brothers and sisters. We need your help to do this. I may text you, asking you for help in various ways – your involvement means the world to us and to our collective success in ushering in a new era of Light.

Soon we will be coming together in force to completely transform this world, but before then you may enjoy some training so you are fully aware of how to use your powers to work miracles in your life and the world.

Can you feel it? Something is different in how the world works these days. It's like there is a new physics engine running our lives - and working miracles is becoming a skill you can develop.

Garret John

I know this sounds crazy, but the following is a message from Michael the Archangel who has led me to offer this Miracles Course. I don’t know what to say, because this shit’s on another level. Take it away Archangel Michael…

“This is the beginning of a new era of Light, though it may not feel like it yet. In the past, any new creation on the earthly plane took much effort, and often pain, struggle and strife. That is still the mode of creation in many aspects of our world; however, it need no longer be this way.

The Light is separating from the shadows, and it is almost as if two worlds are superimposed, one over the other. One world is filled with varying degrees of fear, hate, judgment, greed, and a desire to control and conquer the resources of Earth, as well as a desire to dominate and subjugate other people by whatever means thought necessary.

Billions of beautiful souls who are caught in the maelstrom of this ever-accelerating chaos. The old world is swiftly deteriorating, as a blanket of all the negative thought forms descends upon those lands and magnifies the vortexes of hate that have been created. Oh yes, there are vortexes of darkness – just as there are vortexes of Light – and it is that we are here to dispel as we enter the world of Light.

The world of Light that is superimposed over the world of shadows is a world of hope, a world that amplifies all that is beautiful and harmonious. This world of Light radiance is filled with brotherly/sisterly love, peace, joy and abundance – this is a world where Spirit and humanity have joined forces once more. In this world, you are becoming proficient in using the universal laws of Creation as you bring forth greater and greater physical manifestations of what you desire in your part of paradise. Miracles abound, both large and small, as you tap into your Divine Source and become a partner with God and angelic helpers. Your Light is becoming more radiant, and you are becoming a strong, positive force for good.”

The following Miracles Course is here to help you accelerate this process. You are the first to see this course, which we are about to offer more broadly. If you sign up now you’ll be helping us get momentum, so I will be giving you a lot extra personally, including my time, attention and gratitude for helping me to get this going.

  • Do you believe in miracles?
  • Is there a miracle you want right now?
  • Are you ready to experience things you can't explain?
  • Do you sense you have way more power than you can seem to access?
  • Do you feel like your highest calling has been taking a backseat to other concerns?
  • Are you ready to rise to a higher level of service?
  • Do you see what’s going on in our world and wish you could do more?
  • Well, this is the more.

As you may have experienced from my videos, I’m tapping into something transcendent that gives people goosebumps, triggers catharsis and lights people up. This is why my videos go viral and why they reach tens of millions of people when they should only reach thousands.

This is the stuff of miracles, but just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do when you connect with this power.

The miracles that make my videos go viral come from the same place as miracles that can transform your life and heal the world. Many call this place Heaven – and this is what I’ve been called to connect you with.

In this course I will show you how to experience Heaven directly and help create Heaven on Earth.

This course will raise your consciousness to a higher level and make you capable of things you never thought possible.

You will experience divine love. You will experience miracles – and you will be shown how to work these miracles in your life and the lives of others.

You will be prepared with the tools necessary to confront the darkness of our world, and you will be connected with the legion of souls here to usher in a new era of light.

You will be connected with great companions on a mission that will so utterly change you and this world, that you will be astounded with delight.

If you are called to this, then:

  • This is everything you’ve been waiting for.
  • This is what your soul is called to do.
  • This will transform every aspect of your life, bringing you greater health, wealth, love and happiness.
  • This is the beginning of a miraculous journey that will literally blow your mind.

I wouldn’t be able to say all this if I hadn’t already experienced it for myself.
I will show you how to connect with Heaven – then we need your help to bring it into the world.

Course Format

This is an online course where I will present and work with you via livestream. There will be seven (or more) live 1-2 hour sessions which will also be recorded for you.

What material will these sessions contain?

  • A framework for understanding the Universe in a way that encourages miracles
  • How to win the game of life
  • How to see what’s really going on behind the veil
  • How to have everything you really want, and how to find Heaven
  • How to escalate your issues to a higher power and get immediate results
  • How to take inspired action by cultivating your miracle impulse
  • How to rewire your mind to become aware of miraculous opportunities
  • How to use money, health and relationships as training grounds for working miracles
Answer Your Calling

People's Experience in Miracles Course


“I keep coming back.

I keep coming back for lots of reasons. It is elevating and infusing positive energy that is shaking into all parts of my life." ~ Andrew

“life saving for me - a huge medicine... 

When I listen to the prayers, it just takes the burdens off. I remember to hand it over. Let it go, don’t hold on so tight. These prayers are life saving for me…a huge medicine for me." ~ Jacinta


“This was exactly what I needed...

This was exactly what I needed…I feel completely recharged." ~ Michael

“I can’t believe I’ve been missing this…

It was so deep, I’m so blessed to be a part of this. I’m reawakened, truly." ~ Lisa

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“I NEED THIS. It’s really, really valuable.

I find myself going to prayer a lot more. Once you get here, allow yourself to connect to the prayers, yes, this, I NEED THIS. It’s really, really valuable." ~ Bionca

Breakthrough Processes

This is not your ordinary course. You will experience miraculous breakthroughs when you try these inspired trainings.

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Meet Your Soul Tribe

You will meet members of your soul family you had no idea you could feel such intimate affinity with.

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Prior to the Miracles Course, I had been asking Life to open me up to miracles. Within days the invitation came through for the Miracles Course and I knew this was meant for me.

Since joining the course, I’m experiencing such a sense of aliveness and purpose as well as an abundance of miracles.

The practices and principles involved are simple and impactful, and the power of the Miracles Course community amplifies my own, yet I feel the real juice comes from this shared understanding that we really are impacting the world simply by [working the principles of the course] and opening to not only receiving miracles, but to allowing miracles to flow through us to others.

In so many ways Garret has been leading the charge, calling light workers and miracle workers into action, that the community has come together so quickly and with such ease reaffirms that now is the time for miracles because this is what is needed to bring about healing on a global scale.

Chelsea Ieesha Watts
Mother & Filmmaker

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When I made the decision to sign up for the Miracles Course, I felt giddy, anxious, wonder and excitement. I made the conscious choice to invest in myself.

l knew I would be starting a journey that would impact my life as much as I would allow it. I would be the gatekeeper to my true life force, choosing to be all in and I would not cheat myself out of this experience. I wanted more. And I knew I could do more with the skills and gifts I have been given.  And I knew I needed assistance.

Within this course, I was given the tools needed to start each day on a higher level, to change the way I experienced my daily activities, and to recognize and experience miracles in my life and witness miraculous events for others.

As the weeks and live calls and members continue to grow, I am growing exponentially. I am meeting like minded people who also answered the call and who are my tribe. This is going to evolve into something collectively greater than all of us, and I am all in.

Cori E. 
Product Manager

Are you ready to answer your highest calling? The world needs you now. 

This is what you've been waiting for. Your time is now.

Answer Your Calling
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